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Testing and verification

Need to test something?

Whether for projects we develop for you or for any of your own products, our laboratories are at your disposal. We are particularly proud of our EMC lab. Have you failed certification? Put your equipment in our hands and we'll fine-tune it to pass certification next time. If this is not possible with just tuning and additional EMC measures, we will provide you with an analysis and recommendations on what and how to adjust in the design.  

We are also able to offer you any temperature tests in our climates, water resistance tests, thermal analysis and inspection of complex product scans with a powerful industrial 3D scanner - suitable, for example, for quality control of shape-complex mechanical components such as castings.

Technologies used

Elektromagnetická kompatibilita

EMC chamber 30 MHz to 18 GHz, with automatically operated turntable with a diameter of 1.2 m and a load capacity of 500 kg, shielding efficiency verified according to EN 50147-1 by an independent accredited authority.

3D scan

portable industrial 3D scanner, scan area 100 × 70 to 500 × 370 mm, scan volume 100, 170, 270, 350, 500, dot spacing 0.04 to 0.15 mm

Climatic tests

2 climate chambers -42 to +180°C, working space up to 750 x 580 x 765mm

Temperature diagnostics

portable thermal imager, accuracy ±2°C

Watertightness tests

test chamber 3x3x2,5m, water flow 100l/min

What we can help you with

Temperature diagnostics
3D scan - shape control of complex mechanical parts