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Expansion of research and development potential


The company s.r.o., until the end of 2021 under the business name "KONTRON ECT design s.r.o." implemented the project "Expansion of the research and development potential of KONTRON ECT design s.r.o.", the aim of which was to expand the infrastructure for its own research and development and to deepen the company's cooperation with research and development organizations.


This project received financial support from the European Union.


The purpose of the project was to expand the research and development potential of KONTRON ECT design, s.r.o. / s.r.o. (OP PIK) was the expansion of the R&D centre consisting in the acquisition of machinery/equipment and other equipment of the centre with the following machinery:

EMC chamber including EMI receiver and other necessary equipment
Compliance with 25GHz oscilloscope
Fiber cutting laser
Industrial 3D scanner
CNC milling machine
NC Drill Milling Machine
Manual sheet metal bender

In connection with this expansion of the R&D centre, we are now able to offer the following services:


EMC chamber including EMI receiver and other necessary equipment: Electromagnetic compatibility tests for electrical equipment:

  • Resistance to static electricity (ESD test)
  • Resistance to high-frequency electromagnetic fields with different types of modulation
  • Resistance to fast transients and pulse groups (EF|T /Burst test)
  • Resistance to shock wave
  • Resistance to high-frequency line interference
  • Pre-certification measurement of radiated emissions


Compliance with 25GHz oscilloscope: Compliance measurement of the following peripherals:

  • PCIe 4.0 and below
  • USB 3.2 and below
  • HDMI 2.0b and below
  • DisplayPort 1.4a (eDP) and lower
  • Ethernet 10G Base-T
  • Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base-T
  • SATA 6 GBps (PHY, TSG, RSG, OOB)
  • SFI/SFP+

Fiber cutting laser: Cutting of metal materials up to 2mm thickness, max. dimension of the cut-out 1300 x 900 mm

Industrial 3D scanner

  • FAI (First Article Inspaction) - comprehensive 3D inspection of mechanical components
  • Reverse engineering - 3D digitization of mechanical components

CNC milling machine: milling of aluminium, steel and plastic parts

NC Drill Milling Machine: frézování a vrtání součástí z hliníku, oceli a plastů

Manual sheet metal bender: bending of simpler parts from plastic up to 3mm thick

The research infrastructure can be accessed by other users as a commercial service.

Further information: or tel. 603 844 393