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Completing the product development by materializing the ideas organized in the production documentation into a physical product is the most beautiful part of our work. Also, do you often suffer when you can't wait for a long time to see the result because producing a few pieces is usually not interesting for the manufacturer? We know that time is money and that is why over time we have equipped ourselves with most of the necessary technologies to be able to produce mechanical prototypes quickly in-house. We can also make them for you if you wish.

Hardware prototypes are always handled in collaboration with our proven suppliers. However, we are able to make many modifications in our hardware lab - for example, replacing almost any component on the board. 

Technologies used

3D print


10+ filament printers, working volume up to 25×21×21 cm, 1 resin printer, working volume up to 127×80×150 mm

Sheet metal processing


vláknový řezací laser 1kW, kovové materiály do 2mm, max. rozměr výpalku 1300x900mm

Sheet metal forming

manual bending machine, sheet thickness up to 2,5mm, width 1020mm, maximum angle up to 135°

Pressing of fasteners

hand press for installing PEM® fasteners (nuts, posts, bushings, washers, quick-release screws, etc.)


CNC milling machine 4,5kW, working area 600x600 mm


NC drilling-milling machine 1,5kW, working area 620×180 mm

Dividing profiles

Circular saw: machine feed, for metal profiles up to 200x200mm

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